Sunday, August 12, 2007

Situation resolved, but sadly so

So, I spoke to my family member from this post.
The client is question will soon be moved to an Alzheimer's skilled nursing facility. They were all sad, but relieved. Part of the frustration with him is the fear that he will hurt himself or that one of the other clients will get hurt while they are out hunting for him.

It's the end of his life in the community. But he's not in the community right now anyway. "Community" is a buzzword so often for a smaller institution. None of his staff has any training on how to help him. I hope he's better off where he's at.

I don't know if my call made any difference. But I called on a Saturday, he had an evaluation, and by Wednesday it was decided. I wonder if the fear of the State got the ball rolling, or if it was finally time.

I get so tired, you know, of forcing people to do their jobs, of making people take responsibility for what they've said they will take responsibility for. I'm tired of cursing the darkness. I'm ready to light candles.

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