Wednesday, December 19, 2007

I am the AT bandita

I haven't had Spanish since high school, so I am unsure on whether that is the correct female form of "bandit."

I haven't spoken a lot about my new job because there is not much to talk about. I want to be an AT person. I'm a speech aide, who, as of right now, has a lot of time on her hands because she isn't really used a whole lot.

The problem is, I'm a good employee. I want to help. So if I don't have anything to do, I start thinking of things I can do. I start thinking of students, how I can help them, things I know through AT training and research that others just don't have time to learn.

And then -- brick wall.

To quote TLC: "SO I creep...ohhhhh yeahhhh."

That's not really it. I don't sneak. I scavenge. I am allotted no resources -- no computer, no internet connection, no interwrite pad that every one else got. But I went to the interwrite training anyway, installed the software on my computer. I make up games and interventions for students that I never will get to use. But it's good for me, in a strange way. I get to learn about students, what I would do if given the chance. Today, I borrowed an alphasmart, on which I will try to load a quiz applet. I tried to get permission, but no one knew what I was talking about. So I will load the vocab words that I make into flash cards every week. This way, the kids might actually study the words and quiz themselves, unlike the flashcards that I find on the floor.

I want to be a very useful engine, like Thomas (Can you tell I spend lots of time watching cartoons with kids now?) But I'm not allowed to be, So I pretend that I am. I rumagge in the computer lab for old software. I download and configure software to go along with with the kids are learning in speech. None of it gets used, but that's okay.

Well, it's not okay.

But if I do babysteps, break out the alphasmart quiz applet one day, the R.J. Cooper matching applications a week later, go slow, work stealthly, I might be able to be a useful AT bandit.

Until then, I creep. Ohhhh yahhh

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