Sunday, December 30, 2007

One Laptop Per Lesley

I've ordered my XO laptop. Sometimes I'm crazy excited and sometimes I think it might have been foolish of me to spend so much money that I don't have on a machine that I'm not sure I can use.

I'm going to keep updating my attempts to make it a useful AT device.

I also need to link to my various AT projects on here. Like the books that I've put into Springboard PASS software so Jessie can read them on her device. And the interwrite projects I've made.

My dream is to help the XO become cheap, usable AT and for AT users in the US to be allowed to purchase them for educational use. But first I have to learn python.

Here's the olpc wiki page on educational activities. I think I want to build the assistive technology page in the wiki -- it doesn't exist yet -- but I need to wait a little more until I understand what the heck I'm doing.

Also, the Family Center on Technology and Disability addressed open source software in their latest newsletter.

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