Thursday, January 3, 2008

Give One, Get Over It

I've been anxiously tracking my XO laptop until I found web communities of people doing the same.

I got some helpful hints, like how to tell if my laptop has been shipped, etc.

But mostly, I am a bit frustrated with the whining of XO buyers/donors. IT'S A CHARITY! You did not order an ipod. You did not order from amazon. You ordered from a charity. Their business is not distribution. There were no promises made that you would get your laptop by Christmas.

However, I think Brightstar, the company olpc has hired for logistics, perhaps needs to get its act together. If they are charging olpc regular rates for their services, there is a problem. Olpc isn't getting logistics management, that's for sure.

I want mine. I'm like a kid. I'm anxious. I want to play. But I know it ain't about me. It's about a kid somewhere in Afghanistan or Rwanda. It ain't about ticked off people on the internet who want their toys. And I will try hard not to be one of them.


Jill said...

I totally agree! "Give One, Get Over It" However, my XO came yesterday!
I have ATP certification from RESNA (Assitive Technology Practitioner, Rehabilitation Engineers Society of Northern America) AND it took me 10 minutes to figure out how to get the XO open! LOL.
I too am interested in the AT possibilities for the XO. I just discovered your blog and am interested in sharing info.

Em said...

Lesley- Love your blog! thanks for resending me the link. I have a lot of back reading to do! Best wishes for a happy, healthy, successful 2008.

Em said...

Amen! Maybe there's something we can do with our audiopuzzles on the XO. Many of our customers are visually impaired.


Lorri said...

I too am like a kid waiting for my XO to arrive, and trying really, really hard not to get frustrated. It was getting very hard, especially with no real information. It got a whole lot easier today, when Mine finally showed up in FedEx's tracking system! At least I know it is on the way! should have it by next Monday, and then I will join in on the exploration of AT possibilities.

Love your blog,


Lesley said...

Thanks guys!