Tuesday, January 22, 2008

It's been a hard day

Dear School Board:

Buy. A. Bag. Of. Salt.


It was stupid icy this morning and school was not called off. That put me in a grumpy mood, and then a slip and fall in the parking lot didn't help. I landed on my butt, then on my laptop backpack, which had the Gateway and the XO smushed under me. Hello computer sandwich!

Can I get workman's comp for this?

Then, in front of me, a parent let out one of my favorite kids -- he has autism and wasn't happy this morning. He was muttering under his breath and shuffling his feet. He makes me laugh. I adore him.

I'm sore. I am waiting for my insurance to approve Humira.
I guess on days like this, I should take a celebrex. But they make me sleepy. It was already a 1 1/2 provigil day.

So what's an arthritic, narcoleptic speech aide to do? Especially since my new schedule has me _not_ being a speech aid, but really being a special ed aide. I love that, but I really felt not healthy enough for special ed work. And right now, I feel it. Every bone hurts.

I'm taking a nap.

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