Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Success!! (can I take a nap?)

Blogging from my xo...
It's 1 pm on a school day and I'm in my p.j.s, watching The History Channel. I love snow days!!

I'm recovering from last week. I organized a R.J. Cooper road trip. With a few exceptions, I was disappointed at how little help I got, but I think I pulled it off. And I did get help, particularly on the first day (thanks Sue and Camilla!).

Still, it was good. Really good. 24 people got to work with R.J. -- some of those 24 really get a lot of attention and a lot of people trying new things for them, but many don't. For several learners, I watched holding my breath. It was amazing... J.C. was there. She was amazing. My mom drove her 350 miles for this. I now have videotape evidence to show to her group home and her school on how well she is capable of doing.

There were glitches all around, but all together, it was awesome. Even for people who disagreed with R.J., there was still a buzz. I've heard from a family who doesn't want to buy a computer because their son broke their last one, but they are inspired to start picture cards and signs again for their son based on his success at the workshop. I've also spent time talking to the mom of a boy who needs computer access...and she and R.J. disagree on how to do it. Still, there's now a huge amount of people thinking about this for this boy. I haven't talked to my friend yet whose 4 year old little girl worked with R.J. and he suggested a switch by her cheek instead of the direct select she's been using. Still, even if they don't go that route, it's in their mind as an option.

I am hoping this can help my colleagues see me not just as a low-ranking pest ("Can we try this with this kid? huh/ huh?") but as someone who can be a resource.

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