Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Zac Browser and Surrender

To read this blog, you would think that I'm preoccupied with myself. There is way too much navel-grazing lately because I'm spending a lot of energy trying something new (the South Beach Diet) and because I really do not know what my job duties will entail at my new school. I am a speech implementer, which means I am certified teacher (or in my case, temporarily certified until I take the required classes) and I will do speech therapy under the direction and supervision of the SLP. The part of my brain that loves to plan and be the AT Bandita and try to figure out things for different kids is sort of shut down for the summer.

I wanted to thank Gaby8 (I can't find the comment to link to her blog) for pointing me to the ZAC Browser, a free browser a man made for his grandson with autism. It's the perfect web browser for a lot of kids I know. It's going on my list of favorite AT although I do not know if it's open source or not.


My friend and fellow MFA student just got a beautiful article published about her daughter Chloe, who has cp. She talks about the "always happy" stereotype and the idea of surrender that Chloe has always been able to instinctively, well, surrender to, while the rest of us struggle with it.

It's at Brain, Child.


Chloe was one of the kids at Conductive Education last summer. She's a joy. And a diva. And when I think of my kids, and especially my two little boys, I. and C. at Conductive Ed, or all the other kids back at my home state, I really am sad.

I have AT ideas but no one to try them on for a few more months. Have ZAC browser. No Zac.

So yeah, I guess I will obsess about my health because there is no one else to obsess over right now. And I will try to learn the art of surrender, but, dammit, it's hard! I'm not as good at it as a sly pigtailed four year old I know.

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