Tuesday, October 28, 2008

To statin or not to statin?

So, I can't figure out why I'm so darn tired.
Then I remembered -- oh yeah -- I have rheumatoid and narcolepsy. That'll do it.

I'm also wondering about my statins. I've been on generic zocor since August. I'm understanding that it can break down muscle tissue. Great. That's just what I need.

However, I was really amazed at what I found out -- not just about the scariness of the muscle-eating side effects, but also about what statins can do. The fatigue DOES indicate I need a blood test to make sure proteins from my muscles aren't being carried into my kidneys. Lovely. But there are trade offs. For one, I have a lower chance of dying from heart disease. AND... as an added bonus, clinical trials hint at effectiveness against RA.


Any lowering of inflammation in my body is a good thing, me thinks.

There is an earlier 2004 study that shows the same results.

Good to know.

I'm still sore. And paranoid. Is my joint swelling or is that muscle tissue being eaten?

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