Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A few more of my favorite things...

Kitchen stuff for people with bad hands -- now with ratings

Lids off Jar Opener

Rating - 8 /10
I bought one for my grandma a few years ago and then got a hold of this one at a garage sale. I've given it to my father-in-law (well, it's in the trunk to give to him) and I miss it.

Unfortunately, it takes up a lot of counter space. And it does not fit the one thing I consistently can't open -- the tank on my cats' automatic waterer. Still, handy. I haven't convinced hubby it's worth the counter space but he's never been in the house himself without being able to open anything.

Rechargable Can Opener
6 out of 10
I can't work a manual can opener without a measure of pain involved. Come to think of it, crying over a can of green beans while the boy I was supposed to be watching tore through the house was a main frustration of my job a few years ago. It was her house so I used her tools. I should have brought this over with me.

Unlike those under-counter models I grew up with, this one doesn't make me have to lift or support anything. My friend M. who has use of one hand, uses this too.

I struggle to get it to clamp down right on the lid though. When it works, it's great, but when I can't get it to attach right, it's frustrating.

My mother and stepfather-in-law just bought me the one touch can opener.
We'll see what happens. Apparently there's a One Touch Jar Opener too, but it's flimsy compared to my (I mean now my father-in-law's) Black and Decker.

I don't have a lot of cool kitchen stuff, and since my hands have been hurting lately, now might be the time to investigate options. What do you get someone who hates to cook and has achy hands? I can tell you what doesn't work for me:

1) those lovely pampered chef stoneware things.
Too heavy. I can't lift them.

We have a set of really nice Cephelon pots and pans that hubby and I bought after the wedding with our Bed Bath and Beyond certificates. Same principal. Too heavy -- not necessarily too heavy to cook with, unless I'm doing something that needs to be lifted -- but too heavy to wash Not a good idea. I've often thought about secretly buying a saucepan and frying pan at Walmart.

2) the pampered chef chopper
wanted it to work really badly but the force required to hit the thing was not good.

To be continued....

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