Sunday, January 4, 2009

Narrative medicine

I'm finding out that narrative medicine has been talked about before, by smarter people than me.

From the New England Journal of Medicine:

No, I can't read the full text either.

By the same author:

BMJ : Information Needs of Doctors, dealing more with clinical info, not patient info.

Someone else has addressed the fact that medicine for the chronically ill, and even for the acutely ill, is a process of gathering the information, making a story out of what is messy and not easy to follow.

We need the book-jacket summary for quick office visits, the War-and-Peace volume for really understanding, for instance, if my little sister has MS or something else, or if I should give up methotrexate to one day be able to have a child. These are not simply clinical questions. These have layers and threads. Did the concussion my little sister have affect her balance? Is her dizziness possibly a result of failed Lasik surgery?

I'm going to work on some sort of organizer for her.


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