Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Another case of state school abuse

This time from Texas:

From the Houston Chronicle:
"Football star Michael Vick got 23 months for arranging dogfights.

What should the punishment be for staffers at the Corpus Christi State School if they are found guilty of entertaining themselves by arranging unwilling fights between severely mentally disabled residents?" (read more)
One of the most telling quotes:

"The U.S. Department of Justice recently declared the treatment of residents in Texas state schools to be so bad as to be unconstitutional. Last year the system itself confirmed 570 cases of abuse and neglect among the 13 schools, amounting to well more than one incident for every 10 residents.

This and the latest scandal are symptoms of a sick system. And, as usual, one of the problems is money.

We’re told that none of the apparent perpetrators of the Corpus Christi gladiator shows was a supervisor. That probably means all were “mental retardation assistants,” staffers who deal directly with residents around the clock.

Beginners in that position are paid $1,711 a month. If you work hard and stay at it, you can work yourself all the way up to $1,970.

In other words, many are eligible for food stamps."

Words fail.

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