Thursday, October 8, 2009

More RA and pregnancy

For years now, since high school, the National Database for Rheumatic Diseases has been sending me a survey every 6 months. Sitting down to fill out the survey is like visiting the doctor or filling my pill containers every week -- sort of a minute or two of ritualized reflection on this sort of part of my life that is never really center (except in this blog) but always just ... there.

Today they sent me, out of the blue, a survey on pregnancy and RA.

Wow. Strange bit of synchronicity.

Starting plaquenil for the first time since like 1993. Some people pay to highlight their hair. My hair will again be almost white. If it doesn't fall out.

Okay, I'm to eat a meal with plaquenil, according to the nice pharmacist. So, like a good girl, I bought some ice cream.

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