Sunday, December 13, 2009

Still thinking about it all...

I have two more weeks left of Enbrel.

I don't know about my other meds. I don't know if I can function without them.
It's sort of a sad state of affairs to be in this situation, but I've taken multiple - multiple pills every day since I was 15. I get annoyed at people who see medication as a weakness -- for some of us, medication gives us our lives back.

I've found a great site, OTIS, about drugs and pregnancy. Here are the fact sheets for the medicines I'm on or have been on:

Verdict: probably safe, don't really know. Will probably stop 30 days before.
Verdict: probably safe, don't really know. If taken during 3rd trimester, baby will have withdrawal. The good news is that it means I don't need to stop in January when I stop everything else. Untreated depression seems to be more risky to a fetus than anti-depressants, but I'm not sure what that means in someone like me, who got the anti-depressants thrown at her in an attempt to regulate the crazy lows of dealing with rheumatoid and narcolepsy. So is it untreated depression if I don't take sertaline or just playing it safe with my baby? I wish I knew.
caffeine Damn. 1-3 Dr. Peppers a day. I'd probably better limit the caffeine so I don't end up with a strung out little fetus.

Strangely, no link for methotrexate, the big bad pregnancy no-no. None for plaquenil, provigil, or simvastatin. Yes, I just told you my drug history.

It just scares me to think that if I do get pregnant, that's now my baby's drug history.

Here's a summary of pregnancy and drugs in RA.

And an article about higher disease activity related to birth weight.