Sunday, January 3, 2010

Netbooks and XOs

So, after a few years flirtation with my beautiful green XO laptop, I've given in and bought a Dell Inspirion 10 Mini with a purple bike pattern on the top. It runs Windows 7.

So, I'm sitting here, typing in bed, with my Dell when I usually am messing with my XO or, lately, my Palm Pre. But man, life is so much easier with this Dell so far. I'm not fighting the XOs clunky's operating system. I love the XO for what it is. It launched the netbook trend. I still feel fine handing it over to the kids and letting it be experimented with, dropped, drooled on. I'll still be able to throw it in my backpack without worrying about it. I don't think I'll let the kids use my netbook at all.

I'm amazed though, at how easy it is to use, so no fuss, like my XO. But it's so much more functional. I can type on it. It does not make me fight the internet every time I want to get on.

Still, in deference to my XO, I installed Open Office instead of shelling out for yet another copy of Micro$oft Office.

I'm going to see how the Open Office works out with interfacing with school software.

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