Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Accessible parenting

So, I'm starting to think about what will happen in 8 months.
Ow. Ow. Ow. Ow.

Not good.
But also, the next 18 years. Or specifically, the few months and years after that. And my gimpy arms and wrists and how I'm going to lift and manipulate a screaming, squirming baby in and out of cribs, carseats, strollers, etc. On morning where I can't barely dress myself, I'll have to dress a small person with small snaps and fasteners on the clothes.

It's funny, I know a fair amount about resources for parents of children with disabilities. I have zero ideas on what to do as a parent-to-be with a disability. I remember reading "Time out of Joint" about the author's diagnosis of rheumatoid while raising two children. I don't remember any specifics about how she did it, though. I remember vaguely reading about the use of child carriers in an old edition of "Arthritis Today."

Time to google.

I've always thought that something like a drop-side crib would be helpful. Too bad they're unsafe and about to be banned by Congress. I think I would struggle with a whole drop side anyway.

So, I've been looking elsewhere.

This crib, from Babee Tenda, looks awesome. Too bad it's $1000. I saw it on "Little Parents, Big Charlie." Yes, school is out and yes I watch too much Discovery Channel. Why do you ask?

Also an option for about half the price, is the Quick Change Crib from Innovative Crib Designs. The trap door is meant for mattress removal, but I'll be it works great for baby removal and placement too.

I'm finding a few parenting with disability sites, but most deal with wheelchair parenting.

A blog by a mom in a wheelchair

Through the Looking Glass -- an organization serving people with disabilities

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