Friday, June 25, 2010

I wasn't expecting THIS while I was expecting!!!


This is what I saw on the ultrasound screen June 10th.

Those two little blobs. The OB/GYN immediately shows her student observer. "Isn't it funny, those two in there?" she was saying and I was looking at the screen."So is that the head and that's the body?" I asked, not getting it. "No, it is two. It is twins," she says.

I was already flat on my back or I would have fallen over.

When the appointment was over, I sat in the truck in the parking lot. My phone was not working well so I had to use headphones to call people, and it still sounded garbled. I called Dave, who was out of town, showing the house we're selling to a realtor. I think I heard him fall against the wall. I left a message for my mom.

I blame TLC, all those Make Room for Multiples shows I was watching during the week I found out I was pregnant and withdrawing from provigil by dozing on the couch all day.

That was at 5 weeks because both babies have a yolk sac? Now I'm 8 weeks tomorrow and fearing Vanishing Twin Syndrome, where one twin disappears in the first trimester for no reason. I'm also realizing I will never find moms like me (oh it felt strange to type that!) on the 'net for support -- rheumatoid, twins, over 35 when they are born. (They'd better not come before then!!!) I'm a triple high risk and couldn't be happier!

I also realize that my dreams of accessible parenting may have to give way to whatever crap we can afford from garage sales. Seriously, the Babee Tenda crib from the last post is almost $1000. Times that by two now and it looks like I'm just going to have hurt my back bending into a traditional crib or get one adapted. Those Tripp Trapp chairs that would allow baby to eat with us at the table and not have me leaning over a plastic tray --that idea is now replaced by a standard Graco garage sale high chair. (For $15 bucks mind you! SCORE!) And I think I can safely forget cloth diapers with nice adjustable velcro closures -- my little pooping machines will probably do more than I can keep up with.

Still, I'm happy. I keep hoping those little guys will stay put for at least 28 more weeks -- twins are considered full term at 36. I'd prefer them to hang in there until week 40 though.

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