Sunday, June 6, 2010


So, my back hurts. I thought that was weird because it's not as if I'm carrying any extra weight around. Then today, I started having really bad menstrual-like cramps.

I know that I shouldn't be blabbing about being pregnant until week 12 because of the risk of miscarriage. Chemical pregnancies, where the egg is fertilized but does not implant, are really common -- I saw an estimate of 50% or so. In a chemical pregnancy, a pregnancy test (or two, in my case) will be positive because the body does have the pregnancy hormone. It just is negative a week or so later and the cycle goes on as normal. So I've been waiting all day, thinking that this week of pregnancy will probably be it for me. Playing at being momma was fun, but my period will start any second. I was crampy and sad.

Thank goodness for google. I'm finding that backache and menstrual-like cramping are common signs of early pregnancy! Suddenly, I was excited again! My first real physical symptoms! YAY! Until now, my symptoms have been vague and more consistent with being narcoleptic and off of my medicine than being pregnant. Aside from two positive pregnancy tests and sudden obsession with every twinge in my body, I'm not any different from how I was two months ago. But the backache -- there's a sign I can point to and say "oh yes, I'm pregnant."

Convinced hubby to walk around the block with me and now I'm going to have some ice cream and go to bed. Life = good.

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