Friday, June 4, 2010

What to expect while I'm expecting

a lot of it.
So, I've known about junior for a week now. I'll be an estimated 4 weeks along tomorrow. I have taken 1/2 of a provigil in that time, for my drive back from visiting my mom.

I'm tired.
Dead tired.
Like back to the sleep addict days before my provigil, when I could sleep for 14 hours, wake up, then take a nap. My husband isn't home and I'm out of school, so I just sleep.

I've called the OTIS people and they haven't called me back. In the beginning, my doctors and I agreed that I would continue to take provigil while pregnant, even with the slight increased risk. But since I'm not at work and not driving anywhere, it seems downright selfish to risk it. When hubby comes home and I have a reason to at least be ashamed of being asleep more often than awake, I might reconsider.

I still let myself have 1 glass of caffeine a day. That's probably about the same risk as the provigil. That 1 glass though is in the form of Dr. Pepper, which has 40-75 ml of caffeine depending on the size. 200 ml is the "unsafe" threshold.

I've stopped taken my Enbrel. I had originally thought about continuing it throughout pregnancy, but my rheumatologist and I decided I would stop after conception and see how it went from there.

I'm still on my sertaline and plaquenil. The plaquenil still wakes me up every night two hours after I take it with terrible stomach cramps. Lovely.

Oh yeah, and my mom and I are taking grandma back to England in July. I'm not sure I can do this. That will be a month from now, where nausea will kick in in full force if it's going to kick in, and taking care of grandma is always a struggle anyway. She will fuss over me and it will drive me nuts. But I want to see the England fam again and my sister is going to be there.

Okay, enough whining. I'm still amazingly happy over this whole turn of events. Married, buying a house, having a kid -- who would have thought that I would end up being the traditional one of my family?

Organization of Teratology Information Specialists (OTIS)

Provigil Pregnancy Registry

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