Tuesday, July 12, 2011

6 months later

Haven't posted in a while. The reasons, hopefully, are obvious.

I'll give you a glimpse of my life right now. I'm sprawled across a play area in our living room that we've created by putting down two blankets and those rubber play mat thingys. I'm on my stomach, on my netbook. Immediately to my right is a bouncy chair where my 6 month old daughter O is happily kicking at the dangling Winnie-the-Pooh toys, although she should be napping. Sprawled out on his back next to her is D, her brother (younger by 3 minutes). He has a binkie in his and is dead asleep -- although less than a minute or so ago, he was wailing in frustration because he wants to crawl and get at toys and he can't.

She won't nap until I rock her to sleep. At that point, he'll be awake. And I think one has a nasty diaper to change. Afraid to disturb the universe to check.

The house looks as if it's been hit by a nasty bib-bottle-baby toy tornado.

I am unemployed. Looking for work for the next school year but if I don't find any by the end of July, I will have to give up the babysitter and loose our spots. (Babysitter is on vacation today).

We all are here. Not totally unscathed but close. Considering how much could have gone wrong, and how much started to go wrong, being here is a bit of a miracle.

Now, to hunt down the poop...

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