Sunday, October 28, 2012

ipad and ipad mini giveaway

There's so much to post -- for instance, I am working again -- YAY ME! as a special education / class within a class teacher at the high school.  This is good and bad.  Good: I really love my kids.  They're such strong, amazing, and yes, bright kids.  Bad: classroom management.  I teach two sections of learning strategies, which is like a graded study hall.  I'm supposed to be teaching study skills, but I'm really just trying to keep my kids from destroying each other.  I've always relied on instruction to control the class -- kids getting restless, I change up what I'm doing.  When the class is mostly study hall, I can't do that.

Oh well.

Oh, I got an ipad.
It rocks.

I want one for J so badly.  I'm saving up, but we also got a new roof on our house, which depleted both ours and my mom's reserves (thanks mom!).  It's nice not having to run adjust the tarps and the drip containers every time it rains.

Oh yeah, the point of this post:  ipad mini giveaway.

I get extra points in the giveaway if I post about it.  An ipad mini right really work for J -- it's bigger than an iphone, which is too small for her to use well, but cheaper and smaller than an ipad.

Smart Apps for Kids is doing the giveaway.  I love Smart Apps for kids -- 85% of the good free apps of the day are too young for my kids at school, but man, the babies love them.  Both Dominic and Olivia use the ipads to play all sorts of learning, sorting, letter and number Id type games.  This is both good and bad because I can't bring the ipad out without Dominic throwing a tantrum.  And when it's time to take it away....  yikes!

Anyway, here's the link to the giveaway.  Please enter and consider giving it to J if you win. :)